Personalized Prophecy?

One occasion, in First CRC in Sarnia Ontario, after I had guest preached a woman previously unknown to me came forward  showing much discomfort and tentatively ventured that she felt she had something to tell me that she believed to be from God. This was on February 3rd 2003. It was an awkward moment, with people milling around, and this obviously jittery young mother taking the risk of approaching a pastor with something serious. I asked her to tell me what it was. Here’s what she said (reprinted exactly as she eventually wrote it down):

I will increase your fold

I have heard your prayers

I know your desires

They are my desires too

I love you

I am your rod and staff

I will make you mount on wings of and eagle

I will comfort you in times of sorrow

I will not forsake

I love you, more than you can understand

My justice will be at your right hand

Victory will be yours

I love you

I love you

Right near the end, I remember becoming embarrassed as she was saying those words while people walked by. Misunderstandings are easily created when you are a pastor. Yet I was intrigued enough to ask her to write it down for me. I just had begun the process of communicating with new locations to serve as a pastor and this sounded relevant to that process. The church I was serving was clearly not going to grow, and I had a strong sense it was time to move on. But she did not know that. But God did. So the first line was a grabber for me: “I will increase your fold.” I took it as encouragement to search for other pastures to pastor in where my desire for outreach growth could be lived out.

A few months later, in June, it was known that we were going to move to the West Coast, and I preached at that church one last time, and again she came to me afterward. She was more confident this time, and told me she was in a group of people who were developing their spiritual gifts, so she was getting more comfortable operating in it. She had the message written out already this time:

I will show you more

Look to the ancient path

There you will find the Truth

Remember you worship me in spirit and in truth

Don’t look to the church fathers there is more

Your faith is in me not your ancestors

You cannot receive fresh revelation if your faith is in the church fathers

Do you understand.

Peter there is much much more to be revealed

I want to tell you, you are a chosen one

I have picked you out of many

Look to me

1 Tim 4:14


which says: “Do not neglect the spiritual gift you received through the prophecy spoken over you when the elders of the church laid their hands on you.” NLV

I politely recieved these from her on those occasions. But I did not put huge stock in them. Except that I found several things far too personally relevant to be conincidence. In future posts I will continue the story.


2 responses to “Personalized Prophecy?

  1. Bev Sterk

    August 26, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    bless your heart pete… this is very similar to the types of prophetic words we often get to share with people we pray with in the healing prayer ministry. they are very powerful, because they are almost always (and possibly always) a scriptural concept just with different words that more personally speak to the person they are for. I remember a couple of months ago, I was praying with someone, that she would help heal these “wounded warriors”. that was exactly the phrase God had given her a year before, that she would be ministering to “wounded warriors”. I had never used that phrase in a prayer before, and never heard it used in the spiritual sense. it’s crazy stuff, that defies our logic =) and that’s a good thing!

    so have you written those future posts yet? and if so, where? I would love to hear more as now it’s 8 years later =)

    I would like to make a suggestion, that might be helpful on future posts is to post the date of when you post something. don’t worry, this isn’t the only one on the net, where I’m like, ok was this written 5 years ago, or 5 months ago =)

    There were a lot of interesting statements in the wisdom hunters, mixed up in the story =)… I tried to ref. the page on most of them, and want to go back and pull those out. God did speak pretty powerfully to me through it, on a number of things. and of course we can relate to the whole legalistic do this and don’t do that. again, I haven’t unpacked the concept on the difference between legalistic obedience and Spirit led obedience, yet =).

    so, I am curious, why you recommended it to me, and what your thoughts were from it.

    I think we are on the edge of some major break throughs. and I’m trying to be patient… because we, as the church are not ready for it yet. a couple of the phrases I keep “hearing” is “prepare the Bride” and “get My Church ready”

    then on the whole “titanic” picture. you had mentioned something about we’re just shifting the chairs around… I’m going to try to find a post I wrote, but never shared from in July, at the end, I got a picture of our denomination as the titanic… so the following was going to be the summary to the reply I made on dave’s 10 concerns on leadership or something like that, i think it was around July 21 or 22. you replied with a link to this blog…

    so I wrote this just over a month ago, July 2011, some of the stuff I have shared in other posts but this was the original

    ok, I feel like that was just the tip of an iceberg… I am being honest, and that is the only way we can start getting to the core issues. The LORD has to keep reminding me to honor His church, and I hope I did with my thoughts, even though sometimes I’m frustrated at what we, the crc, have “missed”. but it’s the enemy we blame for stealing, killing and destroying some of the abundant, full life Jesus came to give us (and I’m not talking health and wealth, but our relationship with Him). The enemy uses fear to hinder our walk with Jesus. I want (and I’m sure we’re in agreement on this) what is best for His Bride, and as part of that Bride in the crc denomination, because that’s where He put me and has asked me to stay, at least for now…

    I keep getting the words, “prepare the Bride, get the Church ready”… and in order to do so, we need to do some serious soul surgery. I’ll be the first to confess that it is so easy to compromise… I think as you grow in your faith, and become closer to Him, you get way more sensitive to sin, particularly your own, and every little thing just has doors of compromise that in the past I was pretty oblivious too, it was easy to justify as that’s just the way we do things here in America, not even a 2nd thought because it was so common. I will confess that I have had to repent more than once of blaming the “denomination” of some significant gaps in my faith. and I’m still working on that. Is it any leader or person in particular, no… One of my main concerns, that just brings tears to my eyes, is our traditional view of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe we have limited Him aka quenching Him in significant ways. That is probably one of my most significant concerns. I’m fine with not having women in office or whatever (for now) – we can’t even discuss it in our church under the threat that a significant minority will leave, which is the enemy spirits of manipulation and fear at work. It is infinitely more important for the Holy Spirit to have His full voice heard, before mine anyway. This opens discussion on listening prayer, which I’ve posted on the network under the prayer forum. This opens discussion on the gifts of the Spirit – the miraculous aka supernatural ones, as well as the natural ones we’re more comfortable with. I don’t even want to have the women in office (at least for our congregation) discussion until I know that we know how to, and are listening to His “still, small voice” by means of the Holy Spirit, and how to discern and test that it is Him, otherwise it will continue to be divisive, as it already has been. I know that opens up, questions on whether we have or haven’t been “listening”. Whether or not we’ve been Spirit led or not. Like I said, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Not good, I’m getting a picture of our denomination as the Titanic… Oh, LORD, You are our Captain, help us to divert from any tragedy/disaster because we are trying to be the captain and run the ship our way…

    So Pete, I am definitely interested in your thoughts, because your comment that you are about ready to start a new denomination says just a bit about your frustration with where things are at in the crc. think about the titanic, why did it run into the iceberg? human/intellectual/competitive pride was steering the ship, so why is our crc in the “same boat” so to speak?

    Pete, I know God is connecting me with people who He wants to use to help transform the crc. those who are open and sensitive to the leading of His Spirit and well grounded in His truth, and want to follow Him, His way. I have had dreams. visions. audibly heard angels marching, and physically smelled the fragrance of Jesus a number of times with different scents. I was a cpa for crying out loud, can’t get much more practical than that. this is crazy stuff for me. there is next to nothing in the crc, yet, to help teach me as I walk in this, other than mostly fear and some cessationist residue, which as you shared has a lot to do with our idol of reasoning and rationale, and it IS an idol.

    so the words given to you in 2003, make a lot of sense to me. and i would like to hear more about the “far too personally relevant” if you’re willing to share. here is my email… and you can email me directly. my husband and I share this to keep on the same page and that way he can know what is going on in my life and who I am talking to =)

    it’s ok and I will understand if you don’t publicly post this…

    and don’t you lose any sleep over my choice of staying up most of the night =)… sometimes God puts me on the night watch with Him… you said you stumble over the words “put into practice”… it’s more like a “soaking” time with Him… it’s not usually striving in prayer, although there are times when He’ll have me wrestle through something, but usually it’s a resting in Him, but not sleeping, but just being open to whatever it is that He wants me to think about for a while with Him.

    Thanks for being open and honest. I would be interested in hearing more about the listening prayer class as well, and when was that? maybe you already have a blog post on it..

    ok… gotta run… I really am enjoying getting to know the people on voices =)

  2. Bev Sterk

    August 26, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    btw pete, that picture of the titanic that i mention, was just hours before you replied on voices about shifting the chairs around on the titanic. that’s why i wanted to contact you directly. it was also interesting and significant to me, in post, later that day (i’m pretty sure it was July 22), that ginger also mentioned the titanic, but in a totally different context.


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