GenRev – Intro and background

{this page is definitely still taking shape, but here is some information to start}

“GenRev” is just a working title. It is short mainly for: “General Revelation” but other words work too, like Generational Revamping, Generic Relevance and many combinations of Gen and Rev words.

The impetus for and inkling dream of such a project has been with me for a long time, I can trace it back to the 70’s when the Elders in New West CRC were complaining that the youth were “partaking in worldly entertainments too much” and a few of us went to them and asked their assistance in setting up an alternative, which became the “Our Place” coffee house nights … (more Detail to come some day)

Over time I realize now that layers of understanding of the need or question GenRev adresses have been added, particularly in my time at Calvin Theological Seminary, being taught about the Missio Dei or “Mission of God” in Domestic Missiology by Prof. Craig VanGelder.

GenRev came to full bloom after I visited one of our church plants in Calgary … (More detail to come) and attended an ICS pastor’s conference. I seem to instinctively ‘get’ the need that is out there and am given some good ideas for how the body of Christ can respond. Where I’ve had difficulty is in conveying it to others, particularly as a pastor in an ‘established’ church.

Here is a page where I explore the reasons/need I see and some of the background of how I came to this idea:

This next page, when it is tuned better (it is really just raw notes so far), describes what I imagine a GenRev event to “Look like”

There is much more to be said, but this will need to suffice for now.


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