Ideas and dreams


One of the questions I like to use as a ‘get to know you’ in a new group is this: When and if you cook or bake, do you follow the recipe exactly? Every time?

I have learned about myself that recipe-following is hard for me. Very hard. I MUST IMPROVISE. And liturgies are like recipes…

What this indicates, I believe, about myself, is that I have a need to be creative. I have a restlessness with status quo. I have an overactive right brain, and a lazy left, just the reverse of my eyes. This page is just a place where I will be saving some of my ideas and tweaking and developing them from time to time.

I am learning also that as an ideas person who doesn’t have much courage in trying them out, I need to find people who spark naturally on the ideas, who see the sense of them, who are inspired by them, but who are also going to be helpful in turning taking them out of my right brain and helping me make them something that actually happens in real life. Such is my struggle.

So here are a few, in order of their ‘bigness’ or frequency of coming to mind, or sense of urgency. If the title of it is a different colour, then it has a link to more detail.

1. What I call “GenRev

2. “So! Hmmm” Youtube series of videos (This one I hope to actually do before writing about it here) I just need to finish the script and get hold of a video camera and a few props…

3. The Multi-camera interface table

4. Secret worshipers church evaluation service, sort of like my “Visiting a church” posts but then done as a paid service with specific criteria. (Since having this idea and writing the posts I’ve found that this is already being done, as a business).



Every now and then I do some creative writing as well. This first piece was really a therapeutic, indirect way of expressing some thoughts about my departure from a church I served. Read both versions (the intent was to come up with three editions but I did not finish) and note the change of perspective. But what does NOT change? There are also some parts that will make more sense if you know the history of that congregation, if you know the language of the Natural Church Development survey, and some parts will likely be caught only if read aloud. It’s called SeaWorthy II. I hope you enjoy it.


One response to “Ideas and dreams

  1. Rick

    January 26, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    Hi Pete, I am not sure if I have a left side or right side brain. Just glad God gave me a brain. God plants ideas in my thoughts all the time. I am pretty sure he has blessed me with a gift of ideas or getting ideas moving forward. Just learning to look at today and what is happening versus future events. I have always been kind of a long range goal planner but I know God might not reveal his plan to far forward. In this way he keeps us with the thought that it is all his plan and not ours as he unfolds it. Just my thought. It also keeps our ego in check. Hard to do when you have been patted on your back all your life. Thanks for the interesting Blog. Blessings Rick


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