Reading Lists

This is where I plan to keep a list of books I have read, attempted to read, and intend to read.


“Your Inner Child of the Past” by W. Hugh Missildine. (I will likey abandon this without finishing it – too dated)

I’m on this one for the third time. Though I like the content, I find it hard to keep going. It’s a bit dated (1963) too. Maybe there is a more current book that says what he says better.


  • “Out of the Question Into The Mystery” by Leonard Sweet (Aug 16 ’07)

Pithy, proverbial, pronouncements with little connective tissue and support assumed. I had to work to finish it. I like the teaching and ideas he presents (It’s all about relationship!) but something about the style was too hard for me to connect with.

  • “My Father’s House; A memoir of incest and of healing” by Sheila ? Fraser (Aug 14 ’07)

Gripping, relevant telling of life from an injured person’s perspective. Deeply moved me.

  • “The Invisible Wound; A new approach to healing childhood sexual trauma” by Wayne K (Aug 10 ’07)

Inner child approach to healing. Helpful on several levels.

  • “The Leaders’s Journey” (See quote elsewhere) (Feb/Mar ’07)
  • “Leadership on the Line” (See quote elsewhere) (Feb/Mar ’07)
  • “Sacred Selfishness” (See quote elsewhere) (Mar 06 and Dec 06)”

ALL TIME FAVOURITE LIFESHAPING BOOKS (Besides the Bible) – All categories:

  • “Wisdom Hunter” by Randall Arthur (Fiction)
  • “Foolishness to the Greeks” by Lesslie Newbigin
  • “I See Satan Fall Like Lightning” by Rene Girard
  • “The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse” by Johnson & VanVonderen
  • “Beyond Identity” by Dick Keyes
  • “The Transforming Vision” by Brian Walsh & Richard Middleton


Tony Hillerman, Clive Cussler, Louis L’Amour (these are somewhat dated, I don’t do as much escape reading as I used to I suppose)


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