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This means this entry is from my life history, it is a real life event I have experienced in the past

Drama and symbolism in church

So today, in an internet discussion group, the above mentioned subject came up. And the discussion prompted a memory for me, and since I’m in the mood to explore my writing, I wrote up a memory I have about an event that happened in church when I was a child, an event which was part of what shaped my views of what should happen in church.

It’s called “Getting wound up about superficial symbolism” If you’d like to read it you can click on the title, or cut and paste the link below into your browser, or find it in the list of pages to the right.


Small church difficulties

Today I came across a news item about a congregation I served in Ontario from 1995 to 2003. They have closed down in two ‘spasms.’ It is quite an odd thing to read of such a demise. There is a sense of nearness and grief mixed with a sense of distance and relief. Odd.

Here’s the story: Forest CRC closed

I fully agree it is time for a new paradigm for small churches in our denomination. Guess what? I even have some ideas! Some other day…

A little later that same day an internet acquaintance and colleague posted some very insightful thoughts about the struggles of small church on a discussion list. It is worth a careful read. Here is the link:  Paul VanderKlay on small CR church problems. Here is a better link to where he later posted it on his own blog: Small church problems


Thoughts on submission

A friend who witnessed some of the proceedings at a regional meeting recently, and who knows my situation a bit echoed what others have said “how can you just take this?” Such comments have led to me to reflect on what may have shaped my surprising-to-me ability to not be outraged and defiant. I am a natural ‘activist’ who readily names injustice and dysfunction in me and the systems around me. How can I be so passive when I appear to be the victim of the injustice?

The reflections that came out of my fingertips hinge on an incident in which I defiantly submitted to God in the face of a tremendous injustice that was partly deserved but still way out of proportion and an outrage. Maybe that story will help me and others understand how I am reacting now to a situation that feels like a type of aftershock of the original jolt.

I can’t pinpoint what brings these things to me. I’d love to think they are because of my shining faithfulness to the call of the gospel, but we all know that is a delusion. It is more likely a side effect of my character flaws, of rough edges about me that provoke certain kinds of people.

Here is the link to that reflection: Defiant surrender

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