Self pic in stained glass

“PASTOR PETE” is how I am known to congregations I have served. This blog is one by which I communicate developments and thoughts relevant to those who know me mainly as such.

COMMENTING: I am still learning how this blogging works, but at the end of most posts you should be able click on something to leave comments. Please do.

OTHER PAGES: The page you first see is the home page. I am creating other pages with different topics. Currently you can find them at the top left as tabs at the top of the page (see “Formative Reading” for instance), but if I change the layout you have to look for tabs with names like “Formative Reading” or “LifeLearnings” or “Reflections.” Clicking on these tabs will take you to front pages of sections of different kinds of writings.

MINISTERIAL PROFILE AND RESUME: Here are links to more specific documents about who I am as a pastor. The ministerial profile follows a format put out by our denomination. It’s in pdf format. The resume is of my own design. As of April 2009 I am seeking an interim contract position in a church from the Reformed persuasion.

VISITING CHURCHES EXPLANATION: While I have the chance I’m taking the opportunity to experience various churches as a visitor. I write reflection reports on the experience. I deliberately avoid giving details that would too readily identify the church. Be aware also that these reports are based out of my experience on one particular Sunday and out of my met or unmet expectations or hopes for the worship experience. I am well aware I might visit on a particularly good or bad Sunday.

PICTURES: All pictures I use will be ones I or people I know have taken.



Pastor Pete


2 responses to “About

  1. james T.

    September 2, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    Hi, finally took a moment to brouse your blog. It is interesting especially the spoof on the microsoft commercial (some are christian by what they say, on their bumper stickers, others are christian by what they do and how they act) I like it and I like the idea that you can always find work to pay your bills. Personally I am on the cusp of being too old to get into playing that master/slave game in order to earn enough to pay my bills. For the most part I am free and do not have to worry about impressing some employer in order to earn enough money to pay my bills. However, once a year I do have to impress WELFARE and keep them happy so I can continue collecting this disability pension. Friendship is rare because there is no profit to be gained from friendship.

    I am now in Matthew in my ‘chapter by chapter’ study and have just read -what you do in secret God will reward you openly for- perhaps this is why most praying is done in private? I also realized that Matthew and I have something in common… we both needed Christ to help us get out of a bad situation.

    Again I like your blog and find it very interesting.

  2. James T.

    April 16, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    I am saddened to hear the economic crunch is the reason for your loss of employment. Yet, I am happy to know God is the director of your life.
    You are an inspiring influence in my life. Thank you… I mention you often in my prayers… confident that God has the perfect answer for these prayers.


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