Something I’ve been sitting on and can’t anymore

15 Oct

As divisions and hardships between pastors and congregations continue to pile up, I can no longer sit on a response I first drafted more than 6 months ago in response to an article in the Christian Courier. The Courier had done several good pieces acknowledging the problem of Fractured Flocks, and opening up discussion. At some other time, if time permits, I hope to compile some thoughts more directly on the bigger question. But this is about an article that was titled “Pastors, know your Flock.”

This response was sent to the Christian Courier, and I was encouraged to hear they are planning future features on this important subject, but, as I indicated to them, if I did not get quick acknowledgement that it or part of it would be used in their publication I would feel compelled to share it myself. Such is the day we live in, where one can do that. I want us to be talking about this subject. And, I want Rev Koops and his definition of the problem and his solution to be discussed, and in my case, challenged

Here is a link to my response to his article:

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