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Fresh look

One of the fun things about these blogs is that you can renovate at will. So I’ve added a new header picture (a close up of varied mosses with a stream in the background) taken near my current home.

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I’ve started a new blog just for my work in Iowa

It seemed to be a good idea to start a blog specifically related to the work as an STM in Iowa, rather than try add that into this one. Here is a link.

Pastor Pete

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Phase Next!


February 25, 2011

Calming Winter Scene

This blog was originally started to keep people informed about my life and ministry journey after my work at the church in Coquitlam came to an end. Rather than sending emails to interested parties who might lose interest in following my meanderings and musings — and who then might be too polite or concerned to protect my feelings to tell me they didn’t need them anymore — I set up this Blog so they could check in on me when, and-only-when, they chose to.

So it has been just over a year since I added to this, and I have often had the urge to restart, and I had the time, but somehow in the uncertainty of the unfolding of life it just didn’t seem helpful to report I didn’t know what was happening.

Today is different! I have a plan, and a hope, and a full time ministry job to go to, and I am enthused! So I’m updating!

I recently accepted a position as Specialized Transitional Pastor in a church in… are you seated? … Iowa! I intend to start a separate blog site related to that work specifically, which I will be sure to link to from here.

That is all I want to share for now, I don’t want to overload the update. In due time I hope to share a recap of my last few years and months and explain how I got to his point.

Pastor Pete

PS, I took the above picture a few weeks ago when we had a rare snow event here. It somehow always gives me a sense of tranquility and calm.


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