Re-Activating my blog soon

08 Feb

My stint at the church in Washington State is coming to an end soon. That will give me time to post here more frequently again. If God does not provide another gig in a church for me right away, I will begin doing the “Visiting a church” reports again.I need to say that I am in a deep struggle within myself about what ministry direction to pursue. I am very disillusioned with church-as-we-know it, and, when one of my children challenged me that he had never heard me so cynical or negative about church before, I found myself admitting to him that I had strong doubts that Churchianity was the best way to do Christianity.Once I have things wrapped up in Washington, I hope to think some of that through here.

Meanwhile, I’ve posted a writeup I was invited to do about the Institute for Christian Studies “Worldview Conference.” 

Below is a summary of the gist of it. For the full article, follow this link: ICS The Wall

Today’s generation-gap in the church seems to be between an authentic relationship seeking generation, and one that is used to — if not comfortable with – less-relational institutional church. That was the under-arching theme of the Institute for Christian Studies Worldview conference in Langley February 2 (see ICS Worldview Conf.  for other dates and locations). Keynote Bob Sweetman, Historian of Philosophy at the Institute helped attendees understand how we’ve come to where we are today beginning with the Middle ages, and how the cultural difference is expressed in a song by the ageing contemporary Rock group Pink Floyd in “The Wall” (you can read the full lyrics of the album at Pink Floyd Lyrics)

The issues were dealt with by a mix of lecture, panelists expressing their thoughts and audience dialogue, making for a stimulating day. Sweetman showed how an institutional ideological mindset became normative, and hinted at how the church-as-we-know-it today has been shaped by that history. We were also shown by personal sharing and by the testimony of middle aged parents about their children’s perspective of that church-as-we-know-it, that youth and the unchurched are drawn to participation in church life most effectively by authentic relationship, and not by it having it’s ducks in a line. The things those who grew up in the 50’s learned to value: learning doctrine or getting scriptural truth right and vigorously defending it; having answers for everything; needing to earn membership; working hard; and so on, are – as expressed in the Pink Floyd song– bricks in a wall of less authentically relational existence. The questions asked in this worldview conference are extremely pertinent to the church’s future, and deserve humble-bold consideration and even a willingness to at the least arrange the bricks more loosely, and maybe remove bricks that prove indeed to be blocking relationship with Father, Son and Spirit.

Again, for the full article, follow this link: ICS The Wall


2 responses to “Re-Activating my blog soon

  1. brad

    February 11, 2008 at 1:58 am

    I think there is a growing disillusionment with as you put it “churchianity”. I’m seeing that in many levels of the denomination I work in, and also the denomination my church belongs to.

    The institution of church is ultimately satisfying to fewer and fewer, and as the world (or certainly North American culture) moves to the greater interactiveness of web 2.0, it seems to make sense to propel the church in that direction too. Not to build trivial solutions like web sites, and chat rooms, but vehicles for real human interaction and communication. The kind that promote and foster ministry to each other, and outwards to our community and our world.

    I look forward to seeing more thoughts from you in this vein!

  2. pastorpete

    February 12, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    Brad, thanks for your comments. I should be getting on that in about another week or so.
    Pastor Pete


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