Back from retreat

09 Jun

I got back from my time of retreat Friday at noon. I am not sure right now how worthwhile it was. I did have some good ideas, worked on some anxieties, and on Thursday had a contrarian breakthrough in reflecting on how churches and pastors ‘find’ each other. I wrote a reflection on that which I’ve put elsewhere on this blog.

My main sense is a relief that a difficult chapter is done, and I’m accepting and even embracing the necessity and wisdom of it ending, hard as it was. I thought I’d be doing a lot of journalling about that experience, but I’ve done quite a lot of that while it was going on, so I felt no urge to revisit it.  Actually I disocvered I’m quite relieved that I can turn my energies back to other equally difficult chapters in life that have been neglected due to the demands of this one just ended. And I still have a sense that there is something ‘in the works’ for me, somewhere, somehow.

It’s a good discipline to have to keep active while waiting for God. We’ll see.


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