26 May

Pastor Pete here. See “About” over on the right for more on the purpose of this site. As I write this tommorrow is my offical last service at MPCF. I am hoping for a good service, though right now it doesn’t feel like it will continue to build year-on-year momentum as previously. It’s in danger of being long, and my understanding is that the Korean congregation no longer has a strong youth contingent, which brought energy to the worship on previous Pentecost Sundays. 

Regardless, of how it goes, it will be a relief when that last function is done and there will be just a few details to wrap up and the major job of cleaning out my study.

I have a humanly absurd sense of calm about my future. I have resolved not to be too proactive pursuing what God has in store for me next until mid July. Yet three opportunities (or hints of them) have come my way in just the past week without much seeking. That is reassuring. One is a half time chaplaincy. But when I first investigated it seemed like it was more of an administrative/coordinator positon than a bedside care one. I will have to clarify that next week… Then a pastor I met at the Regent Pastor’s conference asked to do lunch with me. We have very similar interests. He has lost two associates in the past 6 months… Then an old friend and former employer asked to go for lunch to talk options and other things… (the three dots, called an elipsis, mean these sentences and options are still ongoing, open).

That’s it for my first post.

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Posted by on May 26, 2007 in First Post, Future


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